when a couple -Ayca and Onder- in love with all the colors of the sea, forest, soil and nature met an experienced sailor -Can- who freely combined these colors with knots tied on the paracord rope.

Placing surf,sailing,

dance,sea and various outdoor sports at the center of their own lives, these three adventurers wanted to touch other lives seeking their color with their colorful designs.

-Ayca, Onder and Can-

who set out to tie together those who do not stop pursuing their passion and know how to turn every moment into an adventure, through a paracord knot, brought Duruj to life for this purpose.

We are waiting for everyone who knows what their heart beats for, to color their adventure with Duruj.


In our opinion,

Duruj is beyond being a bracelet, it is the meeting point of those who live life as they know it, who know the value of the moment, and who do not compromise their style at any moment of their life, no matter what adventure they choose.